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2003 4r70w trans

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Out of a 2003mustang gt with 80k miles shifts great and really smooth. Only reason I took it out is because i switched to manual so very thing works great
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450. Where are u located
Michigan. U driving up here
Na heck no man lol. How much do you think they'd charge for s&h?
Haha mmm man idk it's prolly like 120 pounds. Maybe like $70-100
Well that's how much I figured. I can do that. Did you change anything when going from auto to manual? Other than the trannys.
Well like pedals and clutch and flywheel and that other stuff
So it should just bolt right in? Cause I'm going from manual to auto.
Yeah I went from auto to manual. So if u need all the parts I've got them just let me know
1 - 14 of 14 Posts