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Our dealership is trying to clear out the remaining 03' inventory. We currently have four (4) 2003 Cobra's on the lot. This sale is only valid for in stock Cobra's. No dealer trades. I have been granted permission to offer this info to all my Mustang buddies ;)

1) White Hardtop
2) Black 10th Anniv Hardtop
3) Silver 10th Anniv Vert' (Black Top)
4) Redfire Vert' (Black top)

Our deal for this weekend ONLY --- $500 off INVOICE price!!!!! In addition to that, Ford is still offering the $1500 rebate on hardtops and $3000 rebate on verts'. For example, that White hardtop stickers at $35085; invoice prices at $32715; take off $500 discount & $1500 rebate = $30715!!

We also have 1 Mystichrome hardtop in stock. For Saturday ONLY, by going through ME, I can give you $2000 off sticker ($38825) which is a selling cost of $36825.

I will be here all day today (1/30), most of the day Saturday (1/31), and we have special hours this Sunday only, 1-6. D&D also offers a 10 year, 150,000 mile engine/powertrain warranty on all new cars.

If you want to take advantage of this special sale offer, you must call ME and set up an appointment. My name is Donna Douglas, and our dealership number is 800-367-3082 Ext 191. We are D&D Ford located in Greer, SC (right outside Greenville, easy access from I-85). Please call me and set up and appointment, so I can be available for you when you arrive.

** Please note, these prices are internet sales prices, and must come through me to get these awesome discounts **

Thanks so much,
Donna Douglas ([email protected])
SVT Certified Representative
D&D Motors (
1-800-367-3082 Ext. 191

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I swear if I wasn't broke I'd take you up on that white hard top...dangit it sucks to be in college lol.
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