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2003 Ford Mustang For Sale...should I get it?

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There was a Ford Mustang 2003 that was being sold for 3.5k. The front bumper looks like it rammed a pole, there are holes in the seats (front and rear). It has 134k Miles. The car's paintjob is still reflective, just with that crush spot where it hit the pole. Frame looks straight. Engine bay is clean, engine is decent, No sand or dirt gunk near the opening of the motor oil cap. However, If I do buy that car i will require:
#1 New Front Bumper
#2 Probably new Plugs/Intake
#3 New Tires and Rims (Since its running on steel rims with no design)
#4 New Seats
#5 Repaint of Front Bumper
#6 New Head Lights (Due to pole impact)
#7 New Exhaust cause they attached some super ricer exhaust on it
#8 New Shocks and Struts (134k Mile and still OEM)
#9 An Alignment for sure
#10 Replace the carbon fiber spoiler to something like the Ford Cobra spoiler...That large of a wing is too ricer to me.

Is that too much work on a 3.5k Car? I have never owned a ford before, i've always bought imports.
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