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I recently purchased a very low mileage 2005 4.0L convertible with the single CD base radio in perfect condition, so I don’t want to remove it. (I purchased it without a scratch on it from a retired couple, so I want to keep it stock).

I noticed in the schematic that the J4 connector on the back of the radio denotes Pin 1 as AUX AUD 1+ and Pin 2 as AUX AUD 1-.

I have not taken the dash and shift console apart yet. Are there wires attached to these two pins in the harness? If so, has anyone followed these wires to their termination point?

I found details on the web stating the harnesses are and are not the same for all three radios (base, Shaker 500 and Shaker 1000). I also found details on the web stating the console connector was not available until 2007 but the radio should play MP3’s off a CD.

Has anyone tried playing MP3’s off a CD on the base radio? Has anyone tried connecting to these audio pins? Has anyone found the two wires terminated behind the access panel in the center console, ready to attach an MP3 connector?
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