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Not sure where to put this, but thought I would let everyone know about a new S197 Mustang Shootout event...

2009 East Coast S197 Mustang Shootout
Five Guys Racing is pleased to announce the First Annual East Coast S197 Mustang Shootout at Rockingham Dragway (:: Rockingham - THE ROCK :: ) in Rockingham, North Carolina, on Sunday, November 1, 2009. “The Rock” provides a centrally located, easily accessed facility on the Eastern seaboard complete with concessons, sponsor space, and nearby hotels.

Originally intended to focus on the 4.6l naturally aspirated S197 with four, heads-up side-by-side race classes, due to popular demand the forced induction crowd is invited to participate in two classes for added excitement. The facility will manage a Sportsman ladder, and racers will face a .5 Pro Tree. The overall emphasis is on street cars you can live with and drive every day, so all cars must be tagged and registered, and cannot be gutted. Winners in each class will receive trophies, and awards are being developed as well (best 60 foot, longest road trip to the event, etc.)

The following classes have been developed:
NA Classes
Pure Street--4.6l and close to stock
Street--4.6l bolt-on crowd
Modified Street--cams, longtubes, tubular suspensions and non-DOT tires
Street Eliminator--ported heads, bored and stroked mod motor blocks and as light as you can get the car
FI Classes
Wild Street--close to stock with turbo, supercharger or nitrous
Street Outlaw--no explanation needed

Event rules and current class descriptions can be found on the website and forum . Check back periodically as further information regarding entry fees, driver’s meeting, lodging and other items will be become available.

Send email to the announcement poster or [email protected] .
Five Guys Racing
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