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First of all, the accident was not my fault whatsoever. The 2nd driver admitted her guilt to the police officer.

I've been having horrible upper back pain since March (when the accident happened).
I hit my face on the steering wheel when my seat belt didn't lock. I was wearing my seatbelt.
I had an immediate heachache on the upper right part of my face. I still have these headaches; I've had them for so long that I've kinda just learned to deal with it.

There wasn't much damage to the car. But underneath the bumper it clearly had accordioned in. There was a bend above the left back tire, and the back bumper had fallen off a bit.

My passenger and I were sent to therapy but the insurance doesn't want to pay because they believe that there is no way someone can get injured in an accident like that.

Our lawyer is fighting them by saying that I was harmed, but she informed me that she can't think of any good reason to explain to the insurance company WHY I could get hurt.

Do you have any ideas?
Do you believe it's possible to get hurt in a situation like this?

Thank you in advance.
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