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2008 Mustang GT/CS Convertible
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I went through this roughly 4 years ago. I have a 2008 Mustang Convertible GT/CS. The original owner had so many accessories I had difficulty degerming if I had a premium or deluxe; it's a deluxe. My car has the navigation system and had the 8 CD player. The CD player wouldn't play, and the navigation screen had seen its better days. Researching the 2005 through 08's I found very few Mustangs with the navigation system.

I begin looking for a new radio, CD, Navigation system and settled on the Kenwood radio and CD player. I opted for the Garmin Navigation system. (There's plenty of good systems out there) Since, my car is a convertible, one mistake I made was I should have gotten the two-position screen offered to help with the glare. (Maybe only a convertible issue.) The other mistake, I should have gotten a radio with a volume knob, very difficult to hit the volume buttons while driving. The system came with several things I wasn't looking for. A telephone system (A waste when you have a Iphone) and such as Garmin tells you your elevation, if you're exceeding the posted speed, etc.

My car did not have a backup camera, but I had one installed at the same time.

Hope, this is some help.
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