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2013 as DD

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Hey everyone! Looking at taking the plunge on a GT500 and had a question about daily driving.

I live in Houston and have a 30 mile 45 min drive each way. How is the gearing and shiftability setup for rush hour style traffic? I know in 6th at 80mph the engine is at about 1700 rpm so that is good.

Dealers won't let you test drive so I can't get a first hand account. I have read all the posts in this section and didn't see anyone tackle this question before. Apologies if it was and I missed it.

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I have a 13 that is not my dd but I would think from owning a 12 prior that it was greatly improved upon in every way....including making it more conducive for someone driving it everyday. Couldn't see myself using the 12 as a dd especially w the 1st to 2nd grinding issues most of them have. The 13 is smooth as butter and the clutch is not heavy at all. Just my 2 cents.
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