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2013 as DD

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Hey everyone! Looking at taking the plunge on a GT500 and had a question about daily driving.

I live in Houston and have a 30 mile 45 min drive each way. How is the gearing and shiftability setup for rush hour style traffic? I know in 6th at 80mph the engine is at about 1700 rpm so that is good.

Dealers won't let you test drive so I can't get a first hand account. I have read all the posts in this section and didn't see anyone tackle this question before. Apologies if it was and I missed it.

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Not worried about gas mileage at all. I work for an oil company so I see it as increasing my job security.

The question was more... Does the gearing allow for easy bumper to bumper traffic or since the first gear is good to 60mph (don't know what 2 is good for) does it put you in an odd rpm range.
Thanks everyone. Now I just have to track one down!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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