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Looking for help. I have a 2014 Mustang 3.7 V6 Automatic with 42,650 miles.
I have been experiencing several driveline noises. About 4 months ago, I began hearing a noise that sounds like gears grinding together when decelerating. (brakes applied or not)
The noise is present all the time, but very noticeable when the car is coasting. (just under 25 mph)
The noise does not change when turning the wheel. (I did check the front wheel bearings)
I took the car to the dealer last month, test drove it with a service representative (who clearly heard the noise and asked me "if I still had my powertrain warranty")
After two days, the dealer called me right before closing stating they do not hear the noise and if I want it diagnosed, they would "have to tear the car apart and I would be paying for labor" and then stated that "I should wait until it gets worse or fails to bring it back." Needing my car back, I reluctantly picked it up with the noise clearly present.
NEW ISSUE this week - I am hearing a whine that changes pitch as the car accelerates. Gears 1 thru 6 (more prominent in 6th). When you let off the accelerator, the whine gets louder, the car seems to "lag", and it almost feels like the car downshifts.(noticeable on the tachometer) I recently heard a loud "clunk" from the rear end while accelerating (about 10 mph)
I am looking to schedule another appointment with the dealer before my warranty expires this August (or about 7K more miles) and would love to have some insight before I hear the dealer say "they still do not hear anything."
Is there anyone out there with a similar issue? Was it corrected? What could it be?
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