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Here are a few pics of the GT500 side splitters on my 2016 Ford Mustang GT with a Cervini's front lower chin.

ZL1Addon's did not have one for the Cervini chin and after days of viewing the angles and fitment I bit the bullet and took a chance on ordering it in the hopes of making it work which thank god it did!

It wasn't cheap by any means and even with a $28USD discount I ended up paying $375CAD after duty and taxes so VERY expensive for 2 side splitter's but if you live close to the border I would suggest going to pick it up because my duties and taxes alone was $102CAD. These borders guys are very nice and would usually let you drive by without paying a cent!

I also left some detailed measurements on how far to go out when installing these GT500 splitters in one of the pics as I find that since the Cervini chin already comes out over an inch from the back it just didn't look right flaring them out and only way to make these look good in all angles was to install them straight flush with the chin from the side/back end!

If anyone needs help on the install process just shoot me a message!


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