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I thought it might be a good idea to change my OEM spark plugs. It seems my fuel mileage is dropping a bit and the engine just "feels" a little off. So I do some research online, head over to my local auto parts store. Even though the website states they have Motorcraft plugs for my engine it turns out they don't. I wanted to stay with the OEM plugs, thinking I had platinum plugs. I was wrong. IF you go to a Ford dealer they will sell you the OEM plugs and on the box, it states:
Part Number SP-548 CYFS-12-F1 Platinum

They ARE Iridium. And they are not to be gapped.

I learned about the "tab" on the coils to remove the plug. You need to pull the red tab up twice. If you only pull the tab up to the first setting you will break off a part of the clip inside the plug when you disconnect the plug. I don't think that is explained very well online.
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