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Posted this in another thread but it's relevant lol I also added a few edits.

Jalopnik somehow found someone that was in some focus group for Ford that had them look at the entire Ford lineup and the new Mustang happened to be in there with all the other cars. He also said that it looked almost nothing like the concepts that have been floating around and looked more like the current Mustang with a few hints of the Focus. He also said it had probably the coolest taillights he had ever seen on a car, so if they found a way to make them even cooler than I think the 13+'s are, then I think we are all in for a treat.

I think he also said the window sticker and the summary of the car on board in front of it listed 3 engine options and a v8 was definitely one of them, so maybe the ecoboost 4 is a good bet to join the lineup (or maybe the Shelby motor is the 3rd option like someone pointed out)

In all honesty, who knows, but they are doing a hell of a job keeping under wraps which is kind of cool actually. It's pretty cool to have people I know and work with that have zero interest in Mustangs discuss what I think the new Mustang will look like.
That's old. The v8 has been confirmed for a while now, and we have already heard inside reports that the tail lights will be 3D, just like the 13's were. Also, they will be "more" 3D, in the sense that they are deeper, to the point where you can "wrap your whole hand around them".

Btw... I present to you the 15' Mustang clay construction.

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