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2023 Mach 1 pricing

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I am in the market to purchase a 2023 Mach 1 and have been stalking dealerships in my area. Most of the dealerships have 1-3 Mach 1s. One of these dealerships that i decided to go and drive one at has 2 identical cars. This dealership informed me they have a $5000 mark-up on their Mach 1s. Is this still normal or are these people trying to gouge us still? With that mark up it would put the car at $69k before taxes and such.
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Never pay for dealer markup / market adjustment.

Contact Ford corporate and inform them that those dealerships are adding markup to new vehicles. Ford seems to be one of the few manufacturers that are trying to keep dealerships in check with markups.

Also, I believe Ford has a policy where an ordered car must be sold at MSRP regardless of dealership or that dealership will take a substantial hit on getting inventory. So, you could order a new car exactly to your specs and are essentially guaranteed MSRP.

FWIW, in my area, new Mach 1 are selling for between $55 - $61k.
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