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21mm Non-Marring Deep-Well Lug Nut Socket

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So recently I had new tires installed at Discount Tire. I needed to remove my wheels a few days ago (brake pads / rotors), but couldn’t get my socket to grab the lug nuts (some of them). I finally got them off, by hammering a 6-point socket onto them and removing with a long breaker-bar.

It turns out, that DT used an impact wrench & the wrong size socket on my wheels. The ruined my lug nuts, chewed the paint off the bolt-wells, and over tightened the wheels.

I had to buy all new lug nuts (go price 20 OEM lug nuts at Ford for Track-Pack wheels - several hundred dollars). I ended up with aftermarket look-alikes from AM. They look good, and we’re cheap. $20 for 20 nuts.

Then I bought this socket which works like a charm. Now I have to get the wheels refinished. Frick’n Discount Tire Bozos! :mad:
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"A man's toolbox is never full....even when it's full"

(I'm guilty too)

Seems like Discount Tire needs to be added to the No-Go list along with Pep Boys.

I miss the days when actual "car people" worked at these shops and not drop outs that can barely clean a window.
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