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Not a true San Francisco car unless it has heroin needles stuck in the tires, human feces sprayed on the fenders, like it has driven down a muddy road, a broken passenger side window, and smashed front and rear bumpers.... That's how it would be 50 years later, anyway.

Have you ever noticed that the driver-side, side-view mirror is round in the still-shot of Mr McQueen driving the car, and it is square on the auction car?
That Mustang has already had work done to it. I believe that it went to a body shop after Warner Brothers was finished with it.
The dents in the roof are likely the result of it being stood on while being stored in a garage. The majority of the damage, or "patina", looks to be the result of years of ownership by someone who was simply treating it as a daily driver.
I personally don't think that adds any particular historical significance to the car.
Restored. Unrestored. It probably doesn't really matter. Somebody purchased a 3.7 million dollar VIN number for a Mustang that was driven in a movie starring Steve McQueen. And, hopefully, the family handed over that letter, written by Mr McQueen, offering to purchase the vehicle from them. That's it.

My prediction?
In ten years, most of the long-time Steve McQueen fans will be dead, or too old to give a crap, and in the millenials eyes, this will become just another old movie-car, that someone paid Waaaaay too much money for in 2020.

The other Mustang GT that was used in Bullitt has recently surfaced. It was deemed totaled after the movie and sent to a junkyard. I believe that car is being restored.
It will be interesting to see how it does in the open market.
They better try to cash in sooner than later, though...
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