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3.8l v6

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How do prochargers work? And what all would I need to upgrade if any to install one
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You’ll probably get some heat on here about wanting to boost your V6. Some will tell you to sell it and get a coyote and yeah that’s awesome and often makes a lot of sense. But I supercharged a V-6 and I really enjoyed it. You can get a complete kit including injector upgrades with the pro charger or other brands and other than a tune that’s all you really need if you keep your boost to a minimum. Upgrades become more necessary as you increase boost. Adequate Fuel delivery is one of the most important things. And then cooling for charge air and engine cooling is also not something to be overlooked. Then you can get into mods to help handle the additional power such as suspension, Breaking, and traction.

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Yeah I honestly figured but hey they didn't pay for my car or my upgrades so they can go away and oh I see do what do you think about a small turbo kit I've been looking at a few different cheap ones in just wanting to know like what I should prep to put in a small turbo pushing about 7-8 psi
"Cheap" and "Turbo" do not go in the same sentence. Ppl telling you to sell your car and buy a 4V or a Coyote aren't trying to be dicks, they are trying to save you money and time.

There are centri kits for the 3.8L IIRC, go throw one of those on and roll if you are gonna do it. It'll definitely be faster but will still get destroyed by most newer stuff in basically stock form.
Is the OP asking how a supercharger works or how to install a supercharger on his car?
A procharger is a supercharger, that looks a little like a turbocharger.
But unlike a turbocharger, it's belt driven.
It's a supercharger in a small package.
You'll need the same upgrades that any supercharger needs. Fuel pump, injectors, tune, etc.
That's how I sum up a procharger. Check them out on youtube.
I'm asking how it works and if it's better to do a pro charger or a 6-7 psi turbo kit on a 3.8l v6 pretty much Pros and cons of each
Its better to sell your car and buy something that has more power right out of the box. The blower CORRECTLY done is going to be between $3-$5k. Then you need to beef up the driveline and suspension. The rear will need swapped for a 8.8 unit from a GT, instruments, tune etc... And it'll still only be a 12 second car...

I know what you said in the post above, that "they" (we telling you to not do it) can go away. And you do you. But what you're thinking doing is really REALLY futile.

Sell your car and if you want a cheap 300-350hp New Edge take that money and the money you'd drop on all that stuff I mentioned and put it towards a 99/01 Cobra. Or get a early S-197 3V GT... those make similar power to the 4V Cobras and have a much better chassis to work with.
Okay thank you I might just keep it for a work car and work toward a newer gt thank you for the input
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