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3 hp?

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i was just wondering where the 3 horsepower came from between the 00-and the 01. i think those where the years. thanks
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It probably came from a person up at ford saying it's 3 hp more lol. Kinda like if you go look at a new 04 mustang's sticker it says it's a 3.9 liter
IMRC's were added.
O ok, that makes sense then lol. I dunno where they got the extra .1 liters from though..
stangin99 said:
IMRC's were added.

the IMRCs control where the air flows down in the lower range and open in the larger range
I currently own a 04 mustang and yes the engine actually is a 3.9l.....
yes, the new 04s are 3.9L they are using the new Freestar's engine trying to get away from the old stigma of the Windstar's engine.

the 3.9 is just bored out a little, i believe. they goto the 4.0 next year though

btw, welcome to the board npassos
Ha I guess school has kinda ruined my car research, i'm a little behind here.
was it that the 2nd 1/2 of 04 stangs have the 3.9L? didnt they chage that mid year? froma 3.8 to 3.9? :-?
yes, the cars that came out in 04 themselves (not the 04s released in sept of 03, etc) have the 3.9. pretty much 2004 1/2 have the larger engine. same hp, but larger engine
If there is no increase in performance then what is the point in increasing the displacement? Looks like there would have to be some slight torque increase or something there??? :-?
Probably had something to do with some extra parts laying around from a discontinued project or in the make of some blocks they were actually overbored. Car companies waste nothing!!!!
Danger Dude said:
Probably had something to do with some extra parts laying around from a discontinued project or in the make of some blocks they were actually overbored. Car companies waste nothing!!!!
i think they just switched over to the Freestar's engine instead of the old windstar's. it may have picked up like 5tq, but ford wont claim it. it would look bad IMO of them if they produced a car that had more power halfway thru a production year. either way, i think it is just slight overboring. enough for them to round up to a 3.9 instead down to a 3.8
Rounding from 3.8 to 3.9 is insane. I work in the Aerospace industries where close tollerances are critical. But I also have seen when parts are oversized or have a particular dimensional problem they will evaluate the problem and if the run of parts made wrong cost to scrap may exceed desired levels and will put them in production with a update in the tech manuals and tech references as well as all maintenance manuals. Hel knowing Ford they probably had 10,000 pistons that were manufactured to close tolleranced to use in the 3.8 so this was there solution.

It is all about profit
lots of cars are rounded up for advertising sake.

LS1's are actuall 346ci? Somehtin like that.

Normal people dont care. Its just what sounds good.
but you dont round up a proven engine just to do it unless there is a internal change
Last time i was at ford i asked a service guy what the deal was with the 3.9l, and his comment was that ford was putting t bird engines in the 04 v6... i dont know how accurate that is. Also, the displacement on the 04 is 240 not 232, i believe.

Either way that sucker can skate for a v6. i ll look into next time a go by a ford dealership.

Great site, thanks for the welcome , monkey....

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first off, if you talked to the guy at the ford dealership on the corner of cooper and I-20 in arlington, they dont know anything (i went to UTA for two years, so i know the area. might be moving back in may)

next, if you want to put a pic in your sig, you goto User CP and put the hyperlink to it. goto a place like and you can host images there. then just put the link in the sig area with
Not bad, however, the guy i talked to was at the corner of 360 and Randall Mill. Can u say Don Davis........... thanks for the info on pasting....
thanks for the answer. I just wanted to know is there any thing that can be done to our cars like tweeking to build a few extra horse power or throttle responce?
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