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3 hp?

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i was just wondering where the 3 horsepower came from between the 00-and the 01. i think those where the years. thanks
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you can get a chip, theres not much you can tweak mechanically with the car..
thanks, yea i was just rembering the days when me and my dad would change the air fuel ratios on the 1969 cutlass.
How are those gt take offs working for u oaktonarcher? What difference have u noticed?
my friend hooked them up
The displacement increase is real, it is from stroke.
Different crank. I believe I read that it was now a 3.48"
stroke, and that gives almost exactly .1 liters more as well.

Ford avoids hyping the V6 so they can sell more V8's.
But I'm happy with the incremental gains they have
given us anyway. We can get more out of it now than
ever imagined!
Simply put, what does that mean, more hp or what?
Pic of the 3.9

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the 3.9 has more stroke,
up to ~3.5" from 3.39"
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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