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This could be an amazing dumb question...:rolleyes:

I'm going to be putting the 18" Saleen rims on my car, 17x9 front and back.

2.) Heard of guys putting 5.0 shocks/struts on lowered 4.6's cause they don't travel as much as the 4.6 shocks... Whats the benefit? Does it mean they stiffen up at an earlier point in suspension travel?

3.) I already have the red edelbrock ones on the rear and the seem to be doing a lot of justice.

(BTW, I tail whipped making a left at a light and under-compensated and rolled over the median with my two left tires, the edelbrocks survived! my fron't KYB blew and I bent my REAR axle a little more than it already was before I got the car...I think its crazy that I bent the axle and the shock survived, quad too.) Not doing that anymore though. :banana::banghead:

I don't want to lower my car at all, just put an 18 and a 40 or 45 with a wider tire in the back, It's my DD and I don't want to worry about shopping mall entrances and man hole covers; Yet I want it as stiff as possible in corners.
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