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I have come up with a personal stereotypical list of both male and female drivers that drive the worst. do you agree?


5. Honda Civic Drivers: These drivers will always run the light, look at you like your car doesn't match up to their riced economy car and try to race any car at the light regardless of engine size or price tag

4. Acura Integra: Oh yes, the acura wannabe because he cant afford a tsx, tl, or something better. This driver is just like the civic driver but doesnt signal or wave when you tell him to go first at an intersection

3. Chevy Camaro: These people think they own the road and weave between lanes and honk as they pass by you, sometimes giving you the finger while blasting their alternative rock music and brag about having a borla exhaust.

2. Ford Mustang: Where would these guys be without the help of mommy and daddy. Both parents being lawyers this preppie-teenager can afford to drive his pathetic v8 vehicle which faces problems racing stock turbocharged cars. the camaro driver is a mustang wanna be of a sort, because mustang drivers can hook up with rich illiterate blond chicks.

1. BMW: drivers of any bmw model are people that would cut across 5 lanes of traffic going 130mph to get onto their exit 200ft in front without signaling of course causing cars to crash as they fly past them, on their highway of course. they think all cars are inferior, even high end italian cars because they are not fast enough to drive on THEIR highway which is built on THEIR planet, in THEIR universe. I am from europe and this applies to both america and europe


5. VW beetle: these women have the steering wheel in a death grip, hands at 10 and 2, and back straight in the air not resting on the seat, eyes popping out of their sockets, these women dont know how to feel the act of driving, let alone how a car functions and how big their engine is.

4.Toyota Corolla: These women also drive like beetle drivers, but think they are saving the planet with their fuel efficient cars. They have no idea what reliability is but buy this car because the commercial says it's reliable. you will occasionally see an "S" model for "sport", but its not sporty since the extra plastics add more weight proving the ignorance of these drivers

3. Any convertible: These women simply want to party in a car because they can't so at home. They will move hands, feet, which results in lack of control of the car but that is a small price to pay for them, because their coolness comes before everything else.

2. Chevy cavalier: simple---steering wheel death grip, bad reflex(unlike
toyota drivers) doesnt know what a car is, always auto tranny.

1. Jeep Liberty: The female version of the mustang driver with a combination of a convertible driver. cutting off people while partying trying to show guys how much money their parents have to buy them a new Liberty. Future soccermom. Giant sunglasses (even at night or raining). Very aggressive , so much that they almost drift corners, but the understeer prevents that.

And yes i do know how to spell and write properly i just dont feel like it as you see.

And yes i do drive an import

And no im not racist

And no im not saying im right

And yes, I do know how to spell.

And no i don't think im better cuz' i drive stick.

I want to see if my opinion can be confirmed.

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Worst male drivers are those who drive Jeeps who think theirs are so capable but break down alot. Acura drivers who think they are driving luxury but trying hard to belong to the elite. BMW drivers who always act like they are the only ones who could afford one. Personally I am a BMW owner but feel disgusted when I see these people who drive them without class. Women drivers of Toyota who think they are driving in school zone all the time at15 mph, Liberty drivers trying to prove they are driving a good suv because they cannot afford a proper one. Best ones with class are Audi and Range Rover drivers. Land Rover drivers respect each other if you ever notice, one always gives way to another.
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