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Hello guys,

I would like to change transmission fluid in my 2015 GT stang (6R80) and its hard to get Motorcraft Mercon LV where I live. So the question is if I can go with TOTAL FLUIDMATIC MV LV ?

On the specs it says it fulfills Mercon LV. Specifically Motorcraft lists : xt-10-qlvc while this total fluid is xt-10-qlv (no C but that apparently is a Canadian former name). Data Sheet MERCON LV.pdf -Motorcraft - Total

They look about the same. Total should be fully synthetic and is even cheaper so I am a bit skeptical but it seems to be fulfilling requirements.

What do you guys think?


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It looks like it would be okay, but I would make an effort to confirm. Perhaps you can find contact information and ask them. Personally, I’d probably do whatever it takes to get genuine Mercon, but that’s just me.
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