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94-98 guys, The Razzi kit is here! Pictures inside!

Razzi will have it's new body kit for the 1994-1998 Ford Mustang on the way by the end of this week if all goes as expected. Here are a few quotes from my emails with Razzi.

Me :: When will the new body kit be available?
Razzi :: Probably by the end of this week if everything goes as expected.
Me :: Are the pictures available of it yet?
Razzi :: No....not yet (but probably by mid next week we will be photographing!!) Write me back at the end of next week

And here is the big email he sent me.

Maybe you can help us?? Here at Razzi, we pride ourselves on taking care of our Customers (even though you may not be a Razzi Customer yet!). We have tried to answer your e-mail as soon as possible.....we hear a lot of other companies don't do this. Maybe we make the products you're looking for - but maybe we don't. In any case, we have tried to treat you "right". So, if you think we're pretty good and have done our best, please help us out by spreading the word to your friends about our NEW '94-'98 MUSTANG KIT. We have been told that the best way to advertise our products is by "word of mouth" you telling other people about, we appreciate your help in telling other people about Razzi and our new Mustang kit. THANKS!
The best I can get out of these guys is that the new kit will have exhust cutouts unlike their previous one.

If you don't know anything about the quality of the Razzi kit, they are made out of ABS Plastic like the APC Demon front bumper. They don't believe in removing the factory fascia due to the safety if you have a wreck.

I have never head anything bad from the quality of the Razzi body kits but hopefully this kit will be something different and look awesome on the 94-98 body style.

I'll keep you posted on the kit throughout the next week or two.

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The front was OK. The area around the foglights looked great. Kind of like a wind splitter. But the areas on the side really didn't go with the lines on the car.

The side skirts look like they came off the Camaro with the little scoop towards the back.

The rear followed the lines of the car except, the big indention going across. The downfall was what to do with the exhaust.

Am I expecting something like this on the new body kit. More of a ground effects.

If it turns out to be like that, it would be really awesome. The 1999-2004 guys have it real easy when it comes to body and ground effect kits. The 1994-1998 style is really curvy to begin with and alot of body kits are square. Just like the Saleen kit is sqaure on the 1994-1998 body style.

Razzi seems to be moving into the Xenon way of body kits by just clipping on to the stock bumper and accenting the lines of the car. The way it should be.

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CWO_Mustang-Mer said:
Im hopeing that wing dont come with the kit...
razzi would never do that they would never sell any kits!

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OK, here it is. This is what Tom, founder of Razzi sent me. Let's see what everyone thinks about it.

Email From said:

You asked for it…..Razzi delivered! You asked us to “Re-Design” our ’94-’98 Mustang Ground Effects Kit. You told us to make it look more like the newer designs seen on some of the newer Mustangs like a “Splitter” designed Front Air Dam and an aggressive Rear Air Dam showing off the Mustang’s Dual exhaust.

The ’94-‘98 Razzi Mustang GFX consists of a “Splitter” designed Front Air Dam, a Rear Air Dam showing off the Mustang Dual Exhaust, and a Set of matching Side Skirts. These parts are manufactured by Razzi at their plant in Alpharetta, GA. Razzi uses their own proprietary material called AERO-FLEX® plastic, which is an ABS composite plastic material that was developed specifically for the manufacture of ground effects products. The parts will fit extremely well and minimum alteration, if any, should be needed to achieve a perfect fit. The ’94-’98 Mustang Ground Effects kit will fit both the GT Mustang and the V-6 Mustang during those years. The parts will be attached to your Mustang using two-way tape, silicone adhesive, and screws. Everything needed for the installation is included with the kit. Razzi parts are designed to be permanently installed on the vehicle. In the event of an accident, you can buy spare parts for your kit from Razzi. To install the ’94-’98 Mustang Front Air Dam, you will have to cut away some of the lower part of the factory bumper cover to make room for the design on our Razzi part to be attached. Our installation instructions will clearly show you how to do this....this is not a problem. You will not remove any of your factory bumper cover braces or safety devises. The Installation Instructions that are included with every Mustang kit will show you how to do everything and the screws, silicone adhesive, and any necessary items come in the box with the Razzi Ground Effects kit. We make all our Razzi parts to go over or attach onto the existing factory bumper covers. The factory bumper covers on your Mustang have been crash tested and safety approved so they work properly with the vehicle's "air bag" safety systems. We do not feel that these factory parts should be removed and replaced with parts that have never been tested in any way and we disagree with any company who recommends that. We have checked with all OEM manufacturers (GM, Ford, Toyota, etc) and cutting or modifying a front or rear bumper cover to enlarge a hole is perfectly long as none of the bumper supports are removed (which we never do). Also, since our Razzi parts are intended to be put on the vehicle permanently (not to be removed), it is perfectly acceptable to cut or modify the bumper covers in certain areas to allow for our part's designs to fit. Our Razzi parts will cover up any alteration made to the factory bumper covers. The primary accessory items that can be purchased along with the GFX are the Stainless Steel Exhaust tips that keep the hot exhaust from blowing on the Rear Air Dam and warping it (they also make the rear look “hot”) and the Mesh Screen set that is attached to the backside of all the holes in the Front and Rear Air Dam. The Front Air Dam also accommodates 4 Inch Round Driving lights (the factory driving lights will be taken off). This look for the ’94-’98 Mustang is truly “awesome”.


KIT - Kit # 242-100H (*New Design as of 8/04) Rear Exit Dual Exhaust (includes Front Air Dam, Rear Air Dam with dual exhaust, and a Set of Side Skirts….also includes instructions and hardware)…….$750 (Plus $65 Freight – Shipping to a “business address”)

SEPARATE PARTS: Any component of a Mustang GFX kit can be purchased separately. Here are prices of individual parts:
- Mustang Front Air Dam ($295 plus shipping)
- Rear Air Dam ($295 plus shipping)
- Side Skirts ($285/set or $150 each plus shipping)

EXHAUST TIPS ONLY: These tips are Stainless Steel, 10” Long, cone shaped with a 4” round opening with a lifetime warranty against rust.
- V-8/GT: Requires 2 tips.
Cost: $35 ea ($70 for two)

- V-6: Requires an Exhaust tip kit so you create a dual look. One of the tips will be put on the V-6 functional tailpipe. The other tip will be attached to a bracket on the other side…..this tip will NOT be functional, but it will still look like duals.
Cost: $85 (2 tips plus the bracket and all clamps)

(for Front and Rear Air Dam openings) … $39


The RAZZI Mustang Front has openings in the Front Air Dam for 4 inch Round Lights. The lights we sell come complete with wiring, switch, instructions, mounting brackets/cups, and two (2) lights:

Regular 4 inch Round Lights (RLK-103): $47
(NOT Angel Eyes)

Angel Eye” Round Lights (RALK-103): $69
Angel Eye Light has glow ring around it

Shipping inside the Continental 48 United States to a “commercial” or business address- $65. (Residential delivery is $50 EXTRA!) This kit comes shipped in a large box by a common carrier (18 wheeler truck) – it is too big a box for UPS. Shipping to another State outside the Continental 48 United States, such as Hawaii, Alaska, or shipping to another country will require additional shipping charges. Call Razzi Sales to get your exact shipping quote. Read the “Shipping” section in our Razzi FAQ file on our web site.


If you’re interested in getting one of the Razzi Mustang Ground Effect packages for your car, Razzi® Ground Effects has a nationwide network of over 400 Authorized Razzi Restyler Installation Centers. This means that in almost every major city in the U.S. (and even in Canada for that matter), there is someone who can help you as far as purchasing the package and even painting and installing it for you. If you upfit your car and then move to another city or state and need a replacement part or some other service, Razzi can put you in touch with the “Razzi Restyler” in that town to service your ground effects. In the event of an accident, any Razzi part can be purchased separately as a replacement part and all parts are labeled for proper identification. Any of this information is available by calling Razzi and asking for Customer Support (800) 235-6087 or by accessing Razzi on their web page ( and sending an E-Mail with your questions ([email protected]). If you own a 1994-1998 Mustang and would like to do-it-yourself, the pricing for your Razzi Mustang accessories are on the previous page. Note that these prices do not include the painting or the installation of the parts if you have them done by a professional. If you do-it-yourself, you’ll have to get them painted by a body shop and then you can install the kit yourself. Sorry, we do not pre-paint any Razzi kits here at the Razzi manufacturing factory. The price of the Ground Effects kit does not include the Mesh, the Tailpipe Exhaust Extensions, or the Driving Lights. These are additional cost items.


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Yeah, not diggin the sides nor rear. The sides are huge and the can tell its a bumper cover lol. I personnaly am not a fan of having my old stuff under the new stuff like razzi suggests. My old bumpers, sides, etc...are beat to death and the paint is pealing. It would cost a grand just to fix those bumpers. Even if my old front didn't show, just imagining my old bumper cover under their that the paint is pealling off of.....I just couldn't live with it. :lol:

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I kinda like how the back looks except for the grill.. and.. no nevermind :-/
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