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We are now looking for 94-98 V6ers with interest in this kit. The Thunderbird Supercoupes and all other single port Ford V6's are set up to be compatible with an M90 blower. However, if you were to do it, you'd need a lot of experience and time, not to mention this list of parts:

-Roots blower (DUH )
-SC blower top
-SC lower intake
-SC rear blower intake with SC TB
-Rear intake (from IC to lower intake)
-SC thermostat housing
-SC jackshaft pulley bracket
-SC PS pump bracket
-SC crank pulley
-SC water pump and pulley
-PS pump pulley (you can us your mustang pump)
-SC tensioner pulleys (all 3)
-if using the SC block/crank then use the 94-95 neutral balanced dampener with exeter gear, some dampeners off the F150 will work as well.
-if using the mustang block/crank then use you stock mustang dampener
-if using the SC block/crank then use the SC flywheel/flexplate
-if using the mustang block/crank then use the mustang flywheel/flexplate
-Mustang or SC starter will be fine, they are the same
-Mustang headers
-SC heads are better but Mustang heads would probably be fine (SC heads are supposedly a little stronger)
-SC injectors or eqivilent plus matching MAF
-89-93 SC came with 30# injectors and 55mm MAF
-94-95 came with 36# injectors and 70mm MAF
-all cooling hoses
-SC thorttle cable
-SC throttle cable bracket
-MUSTANG wiring harness
-wire to lengthen wiring harness connectors
-extra cooling hoses for custom work
-MUSTANG timing chain cover or 94-95 SC timing chain cover
-MUSTANG crank sensor
-MUSTANG or SC alt will work, MUSATNG better sicne it has the extra connect on it, but will work without it for the SC alt, need to change pulleys if using the Mustang Alt. I believe the Mustang alt is more powerful as well, not exactly sure.
-SC AC compressor
-custom AC lines
-custom air inlet needed
-SC intercooler should work, not sure how well the SC intercooler tubes will clear but they should
or use a custom IC setup like me
-Mustang motor mounts
-SC valve covers
-Mustang DIS module, don't need the SC one.
-SC oil cooler (not needed but good to have)
-Mustng rad will work, but if using the SC IC then might be easier to us ethe SC rad its a little smaller though but works for the SC guys fine.
-Major tuning
-SC coil pack bracket (mustang coil pack should work but I have the SC coil pack as well)

As you can see, it'd be a PITA, but it's possible and has been done before by hand after gathering all the pieces needed. However, the kits will be complete and down time for the car will be minimal.

Well, here is the pricing, don't worry this is for a complete kit:

The final price will be approximately $1500-1800 +300 core charge for the blower.

*The final price will probably be on the lower end of that spectrum, but we may need to add in more features with the basic kit, like a knock sensor and other safety features

Here is what it includes: (note: this includes best parts industry has to offer and is intended for 99-present models that may be upgraded to stages II and III.)

Adapter Plate
Upgrade housing with side plates
Bosch 42lb/hr injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
80mm Lightning MAF
F-3 FordChip (-300 if you desire to have you car dyno tuned)
Rebuilding Services (-150 if not requiered)
Porting Services (to reduce intake tempratures)
Longer then stock drive belt

For 94-98 models there will be a separate kit that will include a set of 30lb/hr injectors and 190lb/hr pump along with 75mm MAF and F-3 ford chip.

For those who wish to save money its is possible to use SC injectors on 94-98 model, except they need to be serviced before use, I will find a service that will do so.

The core charge will be returned when you send us a blower.
If the blower is in working condition you will recive additional 150 back.

In the future the split port kit for the 99+ motors will be released. My car is the first test car, but becuase it hasn't been done before, nothing can be promised about coming out with a good 99+ setup. However, if you are interested, let me know now and we may be able to use you to help with this first V 1.0.

For those of you who want to know why we wouldn't just make another centrifugal blower kit, here are some roots blower characteristics:

*attains FULL boost @ 1.5k rpms on 94-98's and ~1.8k on 99+ motors
*generally less effecient due to heat than a centrifugal blower (takes more hp to make it turn)
*an air-air intercooler will be available as an upgrade for MOST LIKELY 100-150$, and will help tremendously
*makes a lot of torque compared to other power adders due to boost coming on so soon

Nothing is official yet, but things are progressing well now. I mention approximate prices to convey to you that this will be the cheapest complete supercharger you can buy for your V6 Mustang, period. Some prices will go up, some will go down, and some will stay the same.

*Getting your name on the list now will guarantee a lower price than later on when the website is up and running*

-Austin Bonds
College Station, TX
[email protected]

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Brandon, I can't afford that lower intake right now you are selling. It looks like I'm going to be shipping my car off to Kansas in the near future, say, before Christmas. If I have the money whenever I get it back, I may want a lower intake done to increase vol. eff. being that it is the only thing in between the heads and the blower itself. I'd like you to do a custom job on it to suit my car, but we'll talk more when the time comes, many moons from now. Do you have any actual interest in the kit or are you just being your sarcastic-assed self? :D

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yeah, ill help you port your lower when you get it on there.

as for the kits.. im being my normal sarcastic-assed self. you know im selling my car in may. but ill be more than happy to help you go faster.

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yeah, i know i'll want your imput along they way.

the lower manifold will be the biggest restriction because he's got some great heads for me. so you may have your work cut out for you. i'm not sure if there are any tricks you can use to get it flowing even better, but it will need to be pretty developed.

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this thread is old! check the roots update 2.0 lower down for more updated stuff
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