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95 gt 5.0 not starting help now

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My friends 95 5.0 gt won't start it is cranking and almost starting but won't he said he got a new alternator and ran fine then his car died on the interstate while driving and he said he tried crank starting it and it didn't start. Any suggestions what could be the problem and we put the old alternator on and did start still.
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Make sure all the wires are connected correctly and tight.
You need to check voltage. Anything less than 14.3 while running and your not charging right. The voltage should be 12.5 with the car off.
Does he have UD pullied? Is it cranking slow?
If it's not a charging issue then check for spark and fuel.
Spark plugs and fuel filter... Also can be your timing is off. I would check your plug wires and plugs first start with the small stuff then look into the bigger stuff. It could be something as dumb as a vaccuum hose!
Found the problem His timing was off.
That'll definitely do it, glad you figured it out!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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