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99 Cobra questions

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So I recently traded for a 99 Cobra with a KB 2.1L. I haven’t dug into it to much but I’m looking for performance input. I’d like to get to the 500hp mark. I’m thinking of doing a rebuild on the engine, would I be able to swap terminator internals into my motor? Or what are some suggestions on what steps I should take. Thanks guys!
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The Terminator crank, rods, and pistons should drop right in. I believe the crank has an 8 bolt flange so you can even reuse your existing flywheel.
Getting to 500 crank hp with a supercharger should be child's play. All you need is about 10psi maximum boost.
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I just wasn’t sure what all was useable from the terminator to “drop in” to my current motor. I have long tubes on the way. As far as the stock cobra fuel system,will that support 500hp? I’ve seen a few guys talk about using a GT500 pump.
A fuel system that was designed for 320hp probably won't support 500hp. A GT500 pump will definitely supply enough fuel if it'll work on a 99 Cobra, and you'll also need bigger injectors (minimum 41lb/hr, higher if you want room to grow).
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