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The attachment is the baseline, 167.7 RWHP & 193.2 RWTq
Also, the stock cam and a tune, 173.6 RWHP & 203.5 RWTq

Basically 6 HP and 10 Tq gain on a stock cam w/tune, this is typical
for a 5 speed, ~170 RWHP w/duals and boltons.

The 99^ with cam made this: (pre-and post tune)

200 RWHP, 220.2 RWTq (no tune)
214 RWHP, 220.6 RWTq (AMS tune)

As you can see the dyno run was cut short on the non-tune run, but
the gains are very easily seen in the low and high ranges! Basic gains
are in the 30 RWHP range for a cam alone (167 to 200) and the tune
with a cam adds 14 more RWHP. Untuned baseline compared to tuned w/cam
are an astounding 47 RWHP! This was a different car's baseline but very
close to what a 5 speed with boltons will do on a 99^ car.

I'd love to get a complete baseline on a stock car with boltons,
then cam and tune it. Doing a cam GP right now, great time
to cam up and get that HP!
Alberto does my tuning, we are working closely together
on new tunes and this one was done MAIL ORDER, on site dyno
could generate maybe a few more HP but we are getting a great
tune without that and Alberto has the capability to do anything
that can be done as far as tuning is concerned!

We are working on a new Cam and Tune combo, this was
from an old SPI cam (basically the first grind!) and the new
one will probably exceed 220-225 RWHP with the tune...

BTW, here is the best dyno I have ever seen from anyone else
with a 99^ setup, it had all the boltons and heads and intakes all ported,
and a bigger cam. It was by a DIY'er but still higher HP and Tq than I have
seen from any other "shop" for a ported and cammed 3.8 SPI.

remember, this last one was with a bigger cam and ported everything!
It made a little more HP but less torque...

The attachment below is the stock cam with boltons baseline.


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slvr2000stang said:
So what is different that is allowing for the higher HP numbers the NA cars are now putting out?
weeeellll... a little history is in order.
I first started seeing SPI development going like this:
Lots of DIY'ers and other shops were approaching the
99^ cars like a regular single port V6, and the greater
cylinder head flow was responding OK to the single port
style cams (mid-2-teens in duration, like 214 and 215*)
but then I noticed the torque was WAY off from a single port
but the HP was building up to 6K... I did lots of dyno sheet
reading and noticed the trends, and decided to use a smaller
cam after I factored in the head flow and the dual runner lengths.
The first results were promising, but dyno op's being as they are,
the runs are usually terminated too early! One run I do have
stops at 5200 but has 7-10 more Tq and RWHP than the best
previous data I had seen from a cammed and ported 3.8 SPI!
(it was 210 for both Tq and HP) The rest of the gains are
from good tuning, matched to cam and everything.

We are not done yet, Alberto and I :cool:
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