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My 91 GT 5.0 kept over heating so I just installed duel fans (contour). Last week I upgraded to a 3g alternator to handle the fans but now I'm experiencing a whole new problem that never happened until I installed the fans. The pressure release valve on my A/C compressor keeps opening up spraying oil everywhere while making a very loud sound (like a arking sound when a positive electrical charge grounds itself out) It's intermittent but boy is it loud and makes a mess.

I'm using a Flex-A-Lite temperature control unit that is powered off a 40 amp relay. I do not have the fans wired to a key-on power source because I want the fans to cool the system if it needs to. I found that the fans kick on and off 3 times for about 30 seconds each time until the system is cooled off.

The purging effect that my A/C compressor is now doing has never done it with the original mechanical fan. Any ideas?
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