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Pinkie... not the greatest pict

I'm at work. So this is the only picture I have access too right now :(

When I get home after midnight PDT I'll put up somet other picts.

The 411 on Pinkie is she is a factory Coral (pink) coupe. She's a resto project as she's had a rough life. Both quarters need replacement as do the floopans.

The car has 3 different layers of paint on it with a layer or rattle can primer on top of it all.

She's also been whacked around a bit as the driver fender and door have been taken from another car. I managed to get the vin info from the body buck tag and the dash vin which matched up with the marti report's confirmation of coral as the car's original color.

You can see the pink around the rear bumper in this picture.



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