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A slow build

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So Ive currently got my 3.73's, CAI, Offroad H pipe, and I've been wondering, outside of UDP and a tune... What else should I go for? I want to go to like 350-400 rwhp... Cams and heads? Any suggestions? Anyhting else other than cams/heads/UDP/tune? My buddy has an Ls1 440rwhp and I'm trying to build up to have a car that will compete at the strip with him... And if you could guess prices on what you list, shoot Or would putting a Vortech turbocharger work? It'd be a stock block/bottom end, but Ive been told tune it to low compression and run low boost...
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What year? And budget
2003, and budget will be slim.. I know its hard to build, but I guess try to be low :L
Cams and heads will get you around 320. If you out a blower on it and have it around 8 psi you can be in in the 350-380 range with the the stock block.
Your saying a blower after Cams and heads Ill be around 350-380? Or blower on stock block 350-380?
A blower by itself with supporting mods will get you on that range. I've seen cams as heads on these cars as they produce less than 340
Gotcha, Im trying to figure this out.. Cams/heads would run 1200... The blower would be 4000 ish. What other supporting mods would I need you think? injectors and such?
Yea injectors, fuel pump, intercooled would be reccomended, exhaust, dyno tune
Gotcha. FRom what I understand, the intercooler and fuel pump would come with the Vortech kit from AM. And to make sure its done right, Id go to a shop down the road and get them to put it on..
If it comes with the kit that would be great. It just also depends on what you want out the car. Is it going to be a DD, track car or just a fast road car
Its gonna be a combo, it is my DD but I'm gonna do stuff like 'test and tune' at local drag tracks with it
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