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About how much will it cost to get a good paint job on a 1972 Mustang Mach 1?

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A lot depends on what you want to do, it goes without saying that this is a fairly rare classic car, and worth its weight in gold. Average retail is over 15 grand, high retail is over 20 grand, and ten years from now more than that. Finding the right shop who will do what is needed I guess is the key, and what is this worth to you? The biggest thing with paint, is the better the paint, the longer it lasts. The reason maaco does those specials is they use cheap paint, I have had nice cars painted, maaco sometimes is not the best choice. A shop that specializes in that type of car is going to paint it right, you need to do some dissasembly such as bumpers, headlight doors and the taillight bezels, and marker lights things like that, and paint it the factory color. Any chrome trim or worn or cracked bits, look worse next to new paint. The time to replace that is right after painting, companies like year one, as well as others can get you top quality parts. I would figure 5 grand, depending on how much body work, The prep work, makes the car, painting is 90 percent prep and 10 percent painting. I hope you plan to do a top quality job, if so, discuss with the painter what is the best paint to buy. best of luck, plan this right, and depending on what options it has the price can go up. check for pricing information look in the consumer section, click on classics then ford, then the year and go from there, also you can check auto trader classics for other makes and models to get an idea of prices, type year make and model in the search box, skip price, leave any distance in the search box and type in your zip code under any distance and click, this will check all 50 states in auto trader classics. And you can go to hemmings motor news for more information there are certain motor and special package combinations, that can drive the price up on a mach 1 is an old car lovers website that has been around for many years, I often use nada guide, and to see what people are selling their vehicles for . Good luck, hope this helps.
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