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aftermarket hu

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So i pulled out my old cd player and tuner. . . and i have the JVC headunit in my hand. . . which wires go where????

its the bone stock 2000 v6 setup

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nevermind, bought the harness. :oops:
ok new question didnt want to start a new thread.. . .

my JVC headunit doesnt fit right, its too small.
With the bracket on the front it wont fall through, but the bracket falls off anyway :(

also, my 15" sub sucks.

Its poping and making all kind of loud noises and barking at me. And im not even playing it that loud. . . and its a 200w amp.

so my 15" must be screwed up, right??

i still need to try the polk 10"ers i got.
can you get pictures of the bracket that came with it?

Check to see that there are no metal pieces sticking up. That usually is the case.

does in go in some but stop at a certain point?

Depends on your 15.

what 15 is it again?

How are you wiring it?
no, the hu its self it too small. There is a ring that goes around the front plate that i can snap on, and it will keep if from falling into the hole. But you can still just grab it and pull it out, you know?

I bought a kit from wallmart that is suposed to adapt it, but it doesnt look like its going to work. I havent tried it yet though. . . :oops: It says its for 2001 mustang. . I thought that it might work, is there a diffrence between the 2000 and 2001 stock tuner holes?

as for the 15. I talked to my "techinical advisor" hehe. he said that he thought the speaker wasnt actually a sub. Its a "loudspeaker" :rolleyes: . I had it wired with the crossover from r- to l+ or vice versa whatever.

So im prolly gunna just stick with the Polk Audio 10 inchers.

cant wait to finish this stupid project :oops:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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