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Going to upgrade to a new video card and want to try and sell this one. It is great for home theater stuff, which is why I had it but I'm just goint to buy a tivo.
It still plays games well I've used it to play battle for middle earth and Halo 1.
Here are the stats

With 64MB of DDR memory, unbelievable graphics, TV and video capture & editing features, the ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON® 8500DV is the revolutionary all-in-one 3D graphics and multimedia experience.


* Powered by the RADEON® 8500 GPU
* 64MB DDR memory
* Connect a digital camcorder to a PC
* Digital and analog video capture & editing
* Wireless radio-frequency remote control
* Stereo TV-tuner
* TV-ON-DEMAND™ Time shifting
* Integrated Interactive Program Guide
* DVD video playback with Dolby® AC-3 digital audio output*
* Reliable customer service from ATI
* Designed and manufactured by ATI
* Featuring CATALYST™ - ATI's industry-leading software suite with frequently scheduled free updates providing additional features and performance over the product's lifetime

I've seen them on ebay for 50 with out remote controls and video adapter, so I'm thinking 60 + shipping because it does have the video dongle (has svideo, rca video, rca audio in and out) plus the remote control and remote control reciever (it is radio frequency not ir so it has great range that isn't limited to line of sight).
I'll also include a cd with the latest drivers and software for it.
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