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guys, ive burned up 3 alternators in like a month...

whats the deal? i have a 900w sound system but i use it sparingly. and i noticed today when i turned my heat on high the battery dial dropped like 2 letters. should i get a beafer alternator? my mechanic said he wouldnt be able to honor my alternators warranty anymore since hes replaced it so much now... guys got any ideas?

btw, i got a 98.

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What exactly is going on?
When you are driving what happens?
Does your car not hold a charge? Does the RPM's stop moving and drop completely.
Is the battery (alternator) light on in the dash?

That shouldnt be happening. There is more to this that your mechanic isnt caring to find out. 3 alternators and he just keeps switching them, not cool.

Check your alternator fuse.
This article will show you.

Also test the alternators wiring harness.
I would also get a trained and certified auto electrical technition (ahem :) )
to check out your wiring.

Also have you tested your battery? You might want to look into a optima battery.
Check your grounds clean them up make sure your alternator is grounded correctly.

Theres tons of things. He shouldnt of just replaced 3 alts..................... with out testing anything. :no:

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I'm running 1000 watts through my stock alternator and it holds up. Amps don't even waver, it's something besides your alternator dude, hate to say it.
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