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Another horror story

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Some of you might have read my story about the Bodyshop that lost my 01 cobra front bumper here in lewisville tx. after 4 months and after lots and lots of chasing this people they finally called me yesterday so I could go pick up the check to pay for another bumper.
2 months after they lost it the store manager asked me for help to find another one and offered me an even better discount in exchange for my help, found the bumper paid for it with my own money and a month later they finally reimbursed my money.
Yesterday when I went to pick up the check I told the manager I want gonna pay a nickel for the job they were about to do for me for the 4 month waiting and me helping find another bumper and I also told him if he didn't wanna do that, that was fine but I was gonna take my stuff somewhere else and of course I was gonna spread the word every time I had the chance to... To make a long story short we got in an argument and he walk off me, leaving me talking there in the front desk of his shop, I kept trying to talk to him but he didn't come out of his office anymore, he acted like a real jerk, this guy has no respect for his customers, I will never go back to his business and will try my best to keep my family and friends from going to this place, I emailed the corporation president yesterday explaining him what had happen to me and giving him my info so he can contact me but as of today nothing, no one call, no one email, nothing!
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Piss on an *******'s boots and you expect him to agree with you? You already knew they were unreliable. Should have just let them do their stuff and pay them or grabbed the check and ran with your parts.
I did take the check and my parts after he treated me like that there's no way I was gonna let them work on them the check was $762 lol that's what I paid tho, for just the front bumper

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And the $ wasn't the problem I wasn't looking for a chance to get the job done for free or anything but 4 months! come on! Couldn't just b like nothing happen I had to ask him cuz I was their fault for loosing my bumper
As long as you are fully reimbursed... I would just leave them now, they obviously won't talk to an unhappy customer. They aren't even worth wasting your breath on.
Is unbelievable how this guy treats his customers

I've been debating wheatear or not calling names here
Might as well, if they are treating you that horribly then you should not feel guilty dropping names.
You're right!

Attention everyone!
Beware of caliber collision Bodyshop this a corporation that has shops in CA,AZ,NV and TX but specially of the one in lewisville, tx. And the jerk, useless animal they have as store manager Tom Sadler.
Trust me, you don't want to deal with this guy or be waiting for 4 months just to end up as you started and with a bunch of bs!
I don't see why shops try to pull stuff like that. It's the same way around where I live, though. There probably isn't a hand full of good, reputable shops around the tri-state area where I live.
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