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I'm sorry, i know this has been talked about day in and day out! I know most don't think its worth it, but i have a T-5 manual that my uncle has laying around so i figure WHY NOT!
I have a 2002 Mustang 3.8L V6, i see alot of complete conversion kits out there, but i don't want to reuse a clutch or throwout bearing, So basically i don't know how to search up parts to make this t-5 work. Like when i go on summit or other sites how do i search for parts for a T-5 that will work for the 3.8.
If anyone could help i would appropriate it beyond belief. If anyone is feeling up to it, could you post links of a complete aftermarket kit for everything i would need, or do you think its better buying a kit then just buying a new clutch and throwout bearing.

Seriously thank you for any amount of help, i can put it in myself, i just don't know how to buy parts that are compatible with a t-5 and 3.8L!!!
The t5 comes with our 3.8 so its completely compatible. You'd have to buy the clutch kit that comes with a clutch, throwout bearing, and pressure plate. Then a flywheel that's already balanced. You will also need a driveshaft from a t5'd v6 because that slides right into the back of your trans. In my opinion, if you're planning on adding major horsepower, stay with your auto. That way it will do perfect shifts without you having to worry about missing gears or messing anything up. Just get a high stall torque converter, upgraded transmission gears, and 4.10 rearend gears. It will feel like a whole new car.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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