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cuban3jumper said:
Ok well her's my current set-up
Cobra R front
Black widow side skirts and rear bumper
Motegi racing 17x7.5" wheels (white) with low profile tires sizes are: 215/40's
I really hate that I got low profile tires because they make my white rims look like they are freaking 10"

So now on to the question I was thinking about adding a Steeda rear spoiler. I really like those spoilers. What do you guys think any other suggestions?

Also I really want to drop the stang there's just too much fenderwell showing can I see a pic of C-springs, H&R's, and maybe eibach's? Witch do you guys think will give me a nice drop so my rims don't look like freaking pennys. I'm looking for around an inch to an inch and a half.

PS: Sorry I don't have pics for you guys to reference from I have no digital camera and the pics I scan come out with too large a file size. If someone could show me how to resize them that would be fantastic
If not Steeda, then the S-351 conversion wing or the S-351 wing itself.

I don't no what the color of your car is, that could help with the end cap decision.
1 - 11 of 42 Posts
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