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I wanted to share my experience with installing a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX with the iDatalink MUS1 Dashboard Kit and the Maestro RR in my 2012 Mustang V6 Premium with Shaker 500 radio w/ no navigation.

The installation was pretty simple. If you follow the instructions and work slowly and methodically, just about anybody can do it. I soldered and shrink-wrapped all my connections, rather than using T-taps or the like. For me, I think the hardest part of the installation was running the wire from the MUS1 harness to the SYNC module over the glove box. I'm not the kid I used to be (I'm 55), and I had a real hard time getting to that SYNC module (which required me bending into positions I just can't do anymore!), so I had a younger, more flexible friend attach it for me. :) The second hardest part was removing the 3 harnesses plus the antenna cable from the back of the old Shaker 500 radio. Once the Shaker was unbolted, it only pulls out about an inch! It took me a while to get the harnesses disconnected since I was doing it blind and I was having a hard time getting my fingers on the connectors, but I took my time and was eventually successful in disconnecting them. After that, the rest of the installation was a breeze. Well, except for one little issue (which I'll mention in a moment).

In a word, this setup is awesome! All the climate controls work perfectly through the Pioneer’s touch screen. The Gauges feature is fantastic, and it’s so cool being able to see the tire pressure for each individual tire, instead of having just one light on the dashboard telling you “one of your tires is low” without telling you which tire is actually low. I got this rig primarily because I wanted to get Apple CarPlay into my car, and the new Wireless CarPlay is so amazingly cool. I can just get into the car, start her up, and leave my iPhone in my pocket, and it all connects perfectly. I also now have access to HD Radio with the Pioneer, something I’ve never used before, and it sounds great. Of course, all the steering wheel controls work perfectly, thanks to the Maestro RR unit. Pressing the Voice button on the steering wheel brings up Siri just like you would expect it to, and all the other buttons work just as well (volume, seek, etc). And, the look of the MUS1 is spot-on perfect. It looks totally factory.

I have a couple of warnings for anyone else who might be thinking about installing a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX and the MUS1 & Maestro RR.

First, if you are testing the system before buttoning everything up, and you try turning on your rear-window defroster using the button on the MUS1 or on the Climate screen on the Pioneer, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. The engine has to be running in order for the rear-window defroster to work. If you only have the key set to Accessory , it won’t turn on.

Second, the MUS1 manual says to attach the pink “Vehicle Speed Sensor” wire from the MUS1 harness to the pink wire on the Pioneer harness. My MUS1 harness did not have this pink wire! I thought I might have received the wrong harness, but after a call with Crutchfield tech support (thanks, Jeffrey!), I learned that iDatalink no longer included this pink wire on the MUS1 harness at all, and their manual was not updated to reflect this change. Instead, you have to utilize the GPS Antenna that comes with the Pioneer. I thought it was strange that I had to install the GPS antenna, since there is no built-in navigation on this head unit, and my iPhone has its own built-in GPS antenna for using the Maps app. However, apparently the GPS antenna functions as the Vehicle Speed Sensor for CarPlay and Android Auto instead. Go figure.

I hope someone find these couple little nuggets of information helpful!
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