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I bought a set of Axel back Muffler Delete pipes. I thought my exhaust was 3" O.D. (over axel pipe) but it turned out to be 2.75" O.D. & the Axel backs I bought are 3" O.D.
From what I'm told the resonators are in the over axel pipe so I don't really want to change that as I think it would be too loud without the resonators.
Is there a way to make the axel backs work without changing the over axel pipes or should I just sell the axel backs I bought & buy something that's the correct size?
Not sure if they make some kind of adapter I could have welded on the axel backs to make them fit right or not.
Any suggestions ???
I only plan to use these axel backs for a short time till I get my Roush Axel Backs & Magna flow True X-Pipe with cats so not wanting to change anything that will prevent me from doing this later.
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