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ahh, my late reply.

yeah, my high 14's run sucks. but we are in Cali and most tracks here suck ass! the 14.4 was with a 2.0 60' and a trap speed of 95.

I also believe my car to be in need of a tune... and we all know it's undercammed. I think I've reached the limit of this cam. it's dynoed at 233/253 twice... once with out lt's and a new exhaust, 70mm TB, and custom upper, and once with it. both got 233/250... only difference is with all the added stuff my average hp went up by like 20rwhp. we'll see if we can squeeze more hp out of my car this month on the dyno. who knows.

I also need to go get my car weighed.

And one last thing that buggs me. I had to have my tranny rebuilt 2 years ago. I often wonder if they did a bad job and I'm being robbed of some hp... thoughts to ponder.

eh, either way, my car is a low 14 second car... but it's a beast on the street (for a v6). my tq doesn't drop below 240rwtq from just below 2500rpm to just above 5000rpm. that's a pretty flat tq curve... and that's fun to drive on the street. :D

I'm gonna get a dyno that starts from 1500rpm and goes to 6000rpm to see what my entire tq range looks like. :D
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