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Rather than create a list of bad driving habits of other people, what are your bad driving habits? Do you try to correct for them? Do you not care and thus deserve to be on annoying drivers lists? Ever since I supercharged my Mustang along with the purchase of my first manual last year, I am more conscientious of my own driving.

  • When I am in the far left lane I will sit and cruise; however, I will move over to the right if I see someone coming up from behind me.
  • I use my mirrors more to pay attention to traffic.
  • I try to use my blinkers before turning, but sometimes I may turn it on then merge a little too quick.
  • I pay attention to the intersection lights to anticipate when my light will turn. Which leads to...
  • I get up and go at a left hand turn since the lights here are relatively quick IMO and generally 3 people get through before turning red again.
  • Related to that, I pull up into the intersection and merge into the left lane after a left turn on green (not green arrow) which allows me to get out of the way of people behind me.
  • I try very hard not to text and drive. This is a continual work in progress.
And yes, I still think I am better than 90% of the drivers out there.

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I have a class A CDL and that process of getting it lead me to being a more contentious driver a few years back. These are things that I corrected because I noticed I wasn't doing them before.

• turn signals in advance are huge for me.
• no texting but if I have to I will use the Siri feature on my iPhone.
• left lane cruising unless someone is coming up on me faster. Merge right out of courtesy.
• stopping short of small intersections to let tractor trailers turn without worrying if they will hit me or not.
• with that said... Stopping on the marked line for people in crosswalks/drivers turning left to where I am.
• headlights if my wipers are on. Also dusk and dawn, which ALOT of people do not do I have noticed.

I'm sure there are more... Just some I could think of right now.
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