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Bad smell!

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Alright guys after looking over what I know and could possibly think of it's time for a post to see if anyone else has had this problem. I have this weird smell every now and then and it's the same distinct smell, mostly from the leather shifter cover and rubber boot. I have checked the transmisson for leaks since having changed the fluid about 2 months ago. I have checked the carpet for smell and being wet and can't find anything. Am I missing something? Are these cars prone to leaking somewhere? Or maybe over looked a fluid leak somewhere? The smell is on and off and usually I notice it here and there after driving for a few minutes. Any suggestions? Please help lol.
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Had a similar issue in my wife cars. Smelled like dead things. Took it to the dealer and they found two mice in the ducting that had died, plus they had made a nest on top of the cabin filter. It was awful dude....
Yikes! I wonder what I'll find in my 240. That thing has been sitting for the last year.
They car will be a pile of rust in a few more years don't worry
Grrrrrrrrrrr :mad:
The 240, America's rusty-est car
I'll have you know my 240 has ZERO exterior rust. Just a little rot in the firewall. :p
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