Basically brand-new pair of BBK [16150] ceramic-coated shorty headers; will fit '99-'04 Mustang GT & '01 Mustang Bullitt. I say basically brand-new because I temporarily mounted the passenger-side header to my '02 GT's engine, but the car was never driven - in fact, the engine was never even started (my car hasn't been started in 3½ years, due to some work I'm doing to it) - while it was on there. I changed my mind about using them after I had mounted the passenger-side header, and I decided instead to use the factory exhaust manifolds.

Sale includes both manifolds; BBK premium manifold gaskets ( I HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to use these go out and purchase a set of Ford OEM exhaust manifold gaskets, or equivalent, as I've heard these BBK gaskets are prone to developing exhaust leaks) and all attaching hardware included in the box by BBK. The box in some of the pictures looks a little beat up - that's because I previously sold them (on eBay) to someone in Canada, and after I paid $104 in shipping(!!), customs was nice enough to refuse the package, because I wrote "Auto Part" on the customs form for a description, which they didn't consider good enough (despite the fact the words "Exhaust headers" is LITERALLY PRINTED on the box, LOL!). Anyway, I wasn't about to pay another $104 dollars to ship to him, so I had to refund his money to him. So, here we are...

Asking $399 (shipped). Currently selling for $499.99 at AM. PM me, if interested. Thanks!
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