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All CAI's whistle or a sucking sound. All the CAI's like MAC, BBK and all the Ebay clones make almost the exact sound. But nods help determine the sound also. For example I had a densecharger on my 98, bone stock it had a very noticeable whistle they stayed thru to about 2000 RPM. When I modded my engine the sound diminished to a faint whistle. I traded with KrazyPony (Jeff) who had a MAC that was whistling terribly on his car. When I put the Mac on mine it was only mildly noticeable. And my densecharger is much less noticeable on his car thatn the Mac but it is still there. I have stage 3 intakes and RPM HP heads witha 60MM T/B and that helps the noise some.

Remember the smaller the opening the more whistle you get and more noise the larger the opening the less whistle or noise and the culprit for most of the noise is the small TB on the 94-94 and the wheel well opening for the CAI's.
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