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I'm having a hard time finding a good starter car, I've looked at some Audi A4's and A6's, Ford Mustang's, Chevy Camaro's, BMW M3's and 325i's. But I cant seem to find that perfect car. maybe the Yahoo community could give me a hand, here are my preferences;

1) v6 or larger engine (unless its a fast 4 cyl)
2) Under 10k total (including any parts needed to meet requirements)
3) CD player (subs are a bonus)
4) Needs to look sexy right out of the box, I don't want any body work
5) I prefer leather but if interior is in good shape
6) At least 250hp to 800hp (no more no less)
7) 14 to 30MPG
8) As many performance upgrades as you can fit within the price range!

Thanks for the help! a complete list of parts and a link to the car you find would be great! Feel free to use your opinion with this!

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I thought you wanted a beginner race car....

If it were me.....

I would look for an 81-83 camaro with a built350/350 combination
cam, headers , straight exhaust, 650 holly carb, b&m shifter,3.55 gears.

or .....

a fox body mustang with a 351 windsor , and the same equipment

it would have seats, and an fm radio

i have seen both of these cars in the 1000-3000.00 range in the last six months

with your other 7000.00-9000.00 i would rebuild some things,and get it in the 10-11 range...

about 10 miles per gallon, but when you cruise thru steak n shake , all the teenage boys wet their pants just from the sound.....
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