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best times

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Hey this is kinda off the topic, cause it has nothing to do with mustangs, but here in Indiana there is a place called Fast times, its a indoor karting track.. ( ) after 4 race's this weekend my best time is 26.958sec. go to the web page for track layout but the carts of imported and they are FAST! over 40mph indoors. very fun, I am looking into getting into racing..:good: (my last race I had my 26.9 sec, my friend Nathan had 27.6sec, and Greg had 27.7sec. I rock!!)
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:uhh: :uhh: :lol:
weve got f1 indoor karting here... fun **** :)
yeah weve got f1 racing here. i think i got like a 28 .. there were a bunch of 60 + degree turns definately fun
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