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Best U.S. Market for an NHL team. I'm not talking about fans, attendance or success of the team. I want to know in which cities is hockey popular. Like if we had to choose only 10 U.S cities to remain in the NHL, in which fans would show (winning or loosing). Which one would it be ?

In my opinion

Detroit, of course
New York, of course (but only one team)
Philadelphia, All sports are popular there
Minnesota, The State of Hockey
Boston, They had some rough times but I think it's still a very good market
Chicago, same as Boston
Los Angeles, Even if there's no ice in L.A., I think they've mostly done well (despite an atrocious team almost every year since 1967)

Tampa : terrible
Miami : terrible
Nashville : terrible
Atlanta : terrible
Phoenix : terrible
Carolina : terrible
New Jersey : terrible (and the team wins !!!)

San Jose : They have good success but they have winning team... not sure the fans would attend if they have 5-6 out-of-playoff seasons.
Anaheim : Same as SJ
Pittsburgh : had a lot of problems not far behind. (They almost had to relocate)
Washington : I have no idea
Buffalo : I have no idea
St-Louis : I think they are doing well, but is it well enough
Columbus : I heard they have solid fans but I don't know if the team can afford loosing for much longer
Dallas : I have no idea
Colorado : I have no idea

Am I right ? What would be you're ranking ?

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Here is the NHL's ranking

The first list is revenue per game generated by the team, the second list is revenue per capita from the area (per capita levels the playing field). The third is TV ratings

Secondly - the Devils have ranked 1st or 2nd in profitability among US based teams for 23 straight years )1st 4x, and 2nd 19x. The Rangers were the other team.

The Devils don't have great attendance...BUT
- their fans pay steep ticket prices
- the team has great corporate sponsorship
- the team has a great television deal
- the team has the 2nd most TV viewers in the league after the Rangers

1. NY Rangers 1.68MM/game (2nd)
2. NJ Devils 1.31MM/game (3rd)
3. Chicago 1.26MM/game (4th)
4. Detroit 1.15MM/game (5th)
5. Florida 1.09MM/game (7th)
6. Philadelphia 1.08MM/game (8th)
7. Los Angeles 1.07MM/game (9th)
8. Anaheim 1.03MM/game (10th)
9. San Jose 0.99MM/game (11th)
10. Boston 0.97MM/game (12th)
11. Dallas 0.96MM/game (13th)
12. St. Louis 0.95MM/game (15th)
13. Minnesota 0.93MM/game (16th)
14. Colorado 0.92MM/game (17th)
15. Carolina 0.92MM/game (18th)
16. Pittsburgh 0.90MM/game (19th)
17. NY Islanders 0.89MM/game (20th)
18. Columbus 0.89MM/game (21st)
19. Washington 0.87MM/game (22nd)
20. Atlanta 0.86MM/game (24th)
21. Buffalo 0.86MM/game (25th)
22. Tampa Bay 0.84MM/game (26th)
23. Nashville 0.71MM/game (29th)
24. Phoenix 0.66MM/game (30th)

(Canadian Teams)
1. Toronto 1.72MM/game (1st)
2. Montreal 1.14MM/game (6th)
3. Vancouver 0.96MM/game (14th)
4. Calgary 0.87MM/game (22nd)
5. Edmonton 0.83MM/game (26th)
6. Ottawa 0.81MM/game (27th)

1. Toronto
2. NY Rangers
3. Montreal
4. Pittsburgh
5. NJ Devils
6. Detroit
7. Ottawa
8. Philadelphia
9. Minnesota
10. Colorado
11. Edmonton
12. Chicago
13. Vancouver
14. Los Angeles
15. San Jose
16. Calgary
17. Buffalo
18. Florida
19. Carolina
20. Washington
21. NY Islanders
22. Anaheim
23. Dallas
24. St. Louis
25. Columbus
26. Phoenix
27. Atlanta
28. Boston
29. Tampa Bay
30. Nashville

TV Ratings
1. NY Rangers
2. NJ Devils
3. Toronto Maple Leafs
4. Anaheim Ducks
5. Los Angeles Kings
6. Montreal Canadiens
7. Detroit Red Wings
8. Dallas Stars
9. Calgary Flames
10. Chicago Blackhawks
11. Florida Panthers
12. NY Islanders
13. Philadelphia Flyers
14. Vancouver Canucks
15. Ottawa Senators
16. Washington Capitals
17. Boston Bruins
18. Edmonton Oilers
19. Pittsburgh Penguins
20. Minnesota Wild
21. Carolina Hurricanes
22. Tampa Bay Lightning
23. Atlanta Thrashers
24. Columbus Blue Jackets
25. Buffalo Sabres
26. St. Louis Blues
27. Colorado Avalanche
28. San Jose Sharks (keep in mind, only the Buffalo market is smaller)
29. Phoenix Coyotes
30. Nashville Predators

And, the league's final audited profitability numbers as agreed upon between the NHLPA and the NHL

1. New York Rangers 38.9MM
2. New Jersey Devils 27.4MM
3. Los Angeles Kings 18.8MM
4. Toronto Maple Leafs 18.1MM
5. Chicago Blackhawks 17.6MM
6. Philadelphia Flyers 13.9MM
7. Anaheim Ducks 12.7MM
8. Dallas Stars 11.9MM
9. San Jose Sharks 11.3MM
10. Pittsburgh Penguins 11.1MM
11. Boston Bruins 9.4MM
12. Washington Capitals 8.1MM
13. Columbus Blue Jackets 5.9MM
14. Colorado Avalanche 5.3MM
15. Florida Panthers 4.4MM
16. Detroit Red Wings 4.2MM
17. Montreal Canadiens 3.8MM
18. Carolina Hurricanes 3.6MM
19. St. Louis Blues 3.1MM
20. Minnesota Wild 2.9MM
21. Vancouver Canucks 2.6MM
22. Buffalo Sabres 1.9MM
23. New York Islanders 0.8MM
24. Calgary Flames -4.4MM
25. Atlanta Thrashers -6.1MM
26. Nashville Predators -7.4MM
27. Edmonton Oilers -10.3MM
28. Tampa Bay Lightning -11.8MM
29. Ottawa Senators -22.7MM
30. Phoenix Coyotes -37.2MM

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well i lived in oklahoma most of my life and i have been in minnesota for almost two years. the vikings are a pretty good team. but i think i would have to agree that the red wings would be number one. I lived in michigan for a couple of years when i was younger and i saw them 3 time. they were great.

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1) Detroit
2) New York
3) Boston
4) Chicago
5) Colorado
6) Minnesota
7) New Jersey
8) Pittsburgh
9) Los Angeles
10) St. Louis

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no the u.s does not deserve another team all the expantion teams in the u.s will go to the south where they dont give a $h!T about hockey. a canadian city should get a team like quebec city or winipeg.

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Detroit, yes
New York, yes (Rangers not Islanders)
Chicago, since new management has been able to reclaim the fans (see what happens when you let people actually watch games)
LA (very nice hockey history)
Buffalo, do get a few fans from even the Hammer
St Louis, only if they do okay
San Jose

Definitely No:
Miama, Tampa, Rolleigh, Atlanta (ever wonder why they went to Calgary), Phoenix (ex pats that go to dry heat places don't usually like hockey that much), Jersey (although many hard core fans, too close to New York), Columbus (market too smal)

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1) Detroit
2) Minnesota
3) Buffalo
4) Boston
5) Philadelphia
6) New York
7) New Jersey
8) Colorado
9) Chicago
10) St Louis

Basing this off of how the fans react to their teams. The other cities aren't as hockey mad as these areas are.

LITY - Where did you find those rankings at? I saw totally different numbers on ESPN and Forbes. They have the Leafs, Rangers, and Wings as top 3. And in fans Espn showed for the 2008-2009 season Chicago, Montreal, and Detroit. And the 2007 Anaheim series between them and Ottawa was the lowest rated of all time for television.
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