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The first round of bugs...

Constantin already summed it up what is going on:

"The work is moving along, its just I have gotten in slight problem. The first adapter I have had made by Robert was based on dimentions of split port upper intake but it was cut to bolt up to the single port. That almost worked except there are couple of sensors slightly in the way. I have now decided to make a whole new lower, that will be like the SC one in that the blower will sit in it for clearance. It is not a problem to put in to production but to find a local shop to make it would be expensive, and money is something I don't have allot of. I have also found that another adapter will have to be made, one that goes between the mustang TB and blower inlet. Its not a problem to produce becasue the way I designed it it will be made out of thin sheet metal and soldered. If any of you guys have accsess to some kind of machine shop let me know, becasue I am having trouble getting new prototype done, the units are easy to make just with a drill press and a dremmel its just I don't have access to them. I could explain to any one how to make one using those tools with my blueprints in few minits. Thanks guys let me know."

It's not a big deal but it needs addressing. Also, we've decided that highest the top of the blower can be is, with the isulation under the hood (1/4-1/6"), is a minimum of 1" below that, so 1 1/2" below the bare hood ceiling.

The current one is only ~1/2" below the bare hood, so that too needs addressing. I'll keep y'all posted.
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