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I got the V3 version of the blowfish racing shifter support bracket for my '14 after reading all of the good things about it. Now after installing it, I am disappointed. I feel like it shifts worse than stock but there is an increase in NVH. With that said I think I might have made a mistake installing it- or at least I hope so.

I noticed that my shifter sits lower than before with the way I adjusted this bracket, and I think that might be the issue.

Since my car is a v6, I used the supplied extensions to the upper and lower bracket. According to the installation instructions i made sure that the upper bracket is not contacting the bottom of the shifter box. As well as I made sure that there is a gap between the rubber isolator grommets and the back face of the lower clamp half.

The installation instructions that confused me were "adjust upper bracket assembly upward until the shifter just touches the body. Do not force it to compress the rubber seal.

What rubber seal? The rubber boot that goes over the shifter itself and is visible from underneath the car? Because the upper bracket on the lowest setting is touching the seal. In order to have the shifter touch the body, the rubber seal would have to be fully compressed.
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