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Danger Dude said:
Seph said:
they all look interesting.. I really like the bumper on

That looks like a camaro rear spoiler. Please tell me it isn't so !!!
That is the 94-98 Cervinis Stalker Wing.

”DangerDude” said:
This must be a car from the MUSTANG SNOWPLOWING TEAM This bumper is off a truck. Truck parts should not be on cars. Looks like crap.[/quote said:
They don’t call it the Lightning kit for nothing. :rolleyes:

InfernoStang, you kit was installed clean as hell. Seen it on\

Rellik, I really don’t care for the kit on our year. Looks like it was made in the late 80s. I live the Stalker for the 99-04.

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OK. Got it down between the two choices I've made. Only thing set in stone is ultra clear headlights and marker lights, window tint, shortened attenna, and new motorsport r chrome rims.

1995 Cobra R Style
Cobra Front End
Ultra Clear Fog Lights
Cobra R Hood
Cobra Spoiler
Side Exit Exhaust (Molded into skirts.)
"Mustang" Black Vinyl Bumper Inserts

Saleen Style
Saleen Front Fascia
Saleen S351 Composite Hood
Saleen Side Skirts
Saleen Door Fillets
Saleen Rear Fascia
Saleen Composite S281 Wing
Saleen Black Fader Stripes
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